Winning Moves Kings Crib 1st Edition (1997)

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Designer: Gary Cowley

Year: 1997

Take Cribbage and Scrabble, shake well, and you will have Kings Cribbage. The tiles correspond to a standard deck of cards except that there are only two suits (dark brown and light brown). You place the tiles on the board a la Scrabble and try to form the highest Cribbage hand possible. All tiles that are placed must score. Scores are as standard Cribbage for the most part and as in Scrabble you may score in multiple rows and or columns at the same time. No more than 5 tiles may be placed consecutively.


Component Conditions:

  • Box lid has minor deformation, corner and edge wear, scratches, and fraying.
  • Box bottom has corner and edge wear, minor deformation, scuffing, scratches, and fraying.
  • Game contents have minor usage.
  • Game board has warping, and minor creasing at fold.
Overall Game Condition : (Rated 1-10)
Box Lid: 4
Box Bottom: 5
Contents: 9
Cards: N/A
Board: 8
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