Customer support/Contact us

If you have games of any kind of game you might want to sell us, please send a general description to [email protected] as opposed to phoning us.

For inquiries about our products or service you may call 780-458-7613 after 10 a.m. m.s.t. up to 4 p m m.s.t.

Please not that as of Jan 19,2024, we are having issues with the answering machine service. so please do not leave messages for now.

1 How are you games rated?
1.1 How are you games rated?

A rating of 10 reflects an item being in pristine condition.

2 Are your images stock photos?
2.1 Are your images stock photos?

All of our images are taken for each item we sell.  We do not download images. If you require more detailed images please inquire.  

We recently improved our photos by using am OPTEX studio photo booth.

3 Board Game contents
3.1 Do the board games always come 100% complete?

As we post each board game we make a note in the description if the contents have been checked,  of they are all there, and our opinion of the condition.

If the contents have not been checked, this is noted in the description.  Many game will go up for posting in 2022 without the contents checked, and then we will circle back to check the contents and update the listing.

if you want to purchase the latter and need to know if the contents are all there please reach out to us before placing the order.  We will then update the listing.

4 Video Game Testing
4.1 How are the video games tested?

At your request before we ship your game we will insert the game cartridge/disc into the console and make sure the game boots up to the start menu as well as play the game for 5 minutes.

5 Video game ownership history
6 Local Pick up
6.1 How does the local pick up work?

Located in St. Albert and privately operated.  There is no retail location. 

We do usually offer local pick up with an affiliate store in St. Albert, Mission: Fun & Games .  Allow 4-5  business days for us to deliver to Mission: Fun & Games. 

This service is free and can be selected at the check out screen when selecting your shipping options.

6.2 How long do I have to pick up the item and is there a cancellation fee?

The plan is to allow 5 business days from the time we notify you it is ready.  Orders not picked up in 5 business days will be cancelled and the normal cancellation fee will apply,.

6.3 Can I send somone else to pick up my order?

Yes, send us by email  the person's full name and full address.  This person must present photo i.d. matching the information you have provided and must also have a printed copy of your order.  Once we have acknowledged your request by email you may send the person for pick up.  Please mindful of the store's hours which are subject to change and are posted on the front page of just below the main banner.