Fantasy Flight Games World of Warcraft: The Adventure Game (2008)

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World of Warcraft: the Adventure Game is a competitive, quick-moving romp through the world of Warcraft. Taking your character from humble beginnings to the dizzying heights of power, challenging dangerous monsters and the dangers of your fellow players, will you be the one to emerge victorious?

World of Warcraft: the Adventure Game features high-quality plastic figures and competitive gameplay for 2-4 players.

  • Multiple playable characters with detailed plastic miniatures representing the races and classes from the World of Warcraft universe.
  • Competitive adventure, battling other players and the dangerous denizens of Azeroth.
  • Accessible, engaging gameplay.
Overall Game Condition : 9
Box Lid: 9
Box Bottom: 9
Contents: 10
Cards: 8
Board: 9
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