Angar International Who's Who - Volume 1 (1992)

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Included are 200 photos of celebrities: movie stars, musicians, sports heroes, and political and military figures. Each card has multiple questions on the back about the pictured person.

The object of the game is to identify the person in the picture and then answer questions about that person. The questions asked are determined by a roll of two 6-sided dice. Rewards and penalties are also determined by the number on the dice roll. For example, if the player roles a 7, they answer Question 7 on the card, and receive 10 points if correct PLUS any bonuses indicated next to Question 7. Every time a player fails to answer a question, the opportunity to do so moves to the next player and the value for the correct answer goes up 5 points.

The "Quizmaster" role is first determined by a roll of the dice. This person queries each player in turn, and notes their score on the scorecard. Once all players have been quizzed, the Quizzmaster role then rotates clockwise.

The accompanying 94-page booklet contains additional biographical information about each celebrity.

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