Hasbro Vegas Used Board Game (1969)

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Players take turns rolling dice and advancing around the board. When they land on an unowned casino they may purchase it. Once they own a casino they may purchase 'tax stamps' for it. Once a casino has at least one tax stamp it is open for gaming.

When a player lands on an owned property with a tax stamp the player and the owner must play the house game with each other. There are four house games; slots, roulette, craps and blackjack. The amount they must wager is determined by the number of tax stamps on the casino. The loser must pay the winner. Remember, of course, the house always has the advantage (just like in the real Vegas). The winner is the last player remaining after all of the others have gone bankrupt.


Used copy of Vegas (1969).
In great condition.

Overall Game Condition : 7
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Box Bottom: 7
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Cards: 6
Board: 7
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