The Bottom Line Used Board Game (1985)

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The idea of The Bottom Line is to accumulate $5,000,000 and land on the Bank, so as to buy it. Not as easy as it sounds. You have $1,000,000 cash, $2,000,000 in debt and 2000 oz. of gold to begin. There are several different businesses, and you can buy parts of them for anywhere from $100,000 each for Residentials, to $600,000 for Casinos. When someone lands on a property you own, you get $50,000 per property of the same kind you own. But the big money comes when you collect a full set of property. Land on a Drive-in Realtor and you can collect multiple millions for selling your set. There are also Options, which allow you to buy lots from your opponents at nauseatingly low prices, and gold is bought for $600,000 a brick (or in that area) and sells for over $1 million. Gold seems to be the fast way to money, but you must have the appropriate card, or you'll get fined $100,000. As players get out of debt (or deeper in it), they will find themselves in a die-rolling race to land on the Bank, or square 17, which allows you to go anywhere you want. A good finance game, but it was only printed for a year in America. Copies do pop up on eBay (where I got mine).


Used copy of The Bottom Line (1985).
Box has heavy wear and a torn edge.
Content are in great shape.

Overall Game Condition : 6
Box Lid: 4
Box Bottom: 5
Contents: 7
Cards: 7
Board: 7
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