Inner City Game Designs The Anyville Horror (2001)

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An asymmetrical board game in which one player plays a nasty monster while the other player(s) take on the roles of family members defending their home from the evil intruder. If the monster can kill the whole family, he wins. If the family gets the monster first, they win. The monster has certain advantages, special abilities, and is unidentified until he is seen by a family member, but family members can utilize items around the house (like moose-heads, ties, and remote-control cars) to attack the much stronger monster. The game uses scalable rules ranging from basic (Go Cower Under Your Blankie While Crying For Your Mommy), Intermediate (fearfully challenging) which adds in monster powers and more complex combat rules, and Advanced (Hero Worship) which adds in even more combat rules, monster abilities, and allows one or all family members to be significantly stronger than the rest.

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