Emperors Choice Games Swords & Dragons (2000) NIS

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There are the same numerical cards, 2-10, Jack (Knight), Queen, King and Ace. And like in some Poker varients the Ace may be played as high or low. Whereas a standard Poker deck has four suites, Swords & Dragons has eight. And there is a similarity in which one hand will defeat another.

The game play appears to be a mix of Hold 'Em, Stud Poker and Go Fish. Cards can be asked for and received by another player if one hasn't hidden them in their Trove. The Trove allows a player to hold up to four cards without worry of them being asked for in Go Fish style. Essentially players can use the cards in their hand and the one "Up" card, that being the last card discarded, as their current hand. The "Up" card may also be taken by a player on their turn and the discard becomes the new "Up" card.

A round ends when all but one player folds - due to not calling a raise, or the deck runs out of cards.. or, all players call the raise. Then a showdown occurs and it's winner take all.

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