STAR FIST used board game (1991)

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From the Publisher:

The Asteroid Rebellion is slowly being crushed by the forces of Terra. In a desperate bid for survival, the rebels outfit an asteroid with heavy weapons -- including the secret gravity warper -- and send it on an earth-grazing orbit. The Terran fleet comes out to do battle with Star Fist.

From the Designer:

This is an intermediate-level game...not exactly beer-and-pretzels, but not difficult. It's definitely tactical rather than strategic; the best-laid plans can fall apart very quickly when your foe gets a lucky hit on a vital system.


used in good condition 

no missing contents

few leftover mark from it being played

Overall Game Condition : 5
Box Lid: 5
Box Bottom: 6
Contents: 5
Cards: na
Board: 5
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