Z-Man Games Shazamm! used Board Game (2003)

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You are a mighty wizard. The mightiest in the realm.
But out there, just across that bridge over the lava river, lives a guy who insists that HE is the mightiest wizard!

SHAZAMM! is a game for two players at least 10 years old.
The game takes roughly 30 minutes.

Components :
- A 42×21cm game board, showing the bridge where the wizards duel, and the dragon (Mana scale).
- Two 15-cards decks featuring the spells.
- Two double wheels counter to bet your Mana.
- 3 cardboard token with plastic stands: the wizards and the Fire Wall.
- Two wooden token: the Mana markers.
- 16 "broken flagstones".
- An 8 pages rules booklet.


Used copy of Shazamm! (2003)
in excellent condition.

Overall Game Condition : 8
Box Lid: 8
Box Bottom: 8
Contents: 8
Cards: 8
Board: 8
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