Hasbro Scrabble: Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas Edition (2007)

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"What's this? What's This?
There are children collecting letter here
Instead of collecting heads
They're busy building words
And absolutely no one's dead!

America's Favorite Word Game meets Halloweentown's scariest cast of characters in Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas Edition of Scrabble. This deluxe glow-in-the-dark edition features classic Scrabble crossword game play and a board shaped like Jac's face. Some extra creepy rules and terrifying bonus dictionary words will send you into the night for the absolutely most frightening fun game of Scrabble you've ever played.

This game is Scrabble with a differently shaped board that is not the standard 15x15 board and a theme from Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas. The game also features 5 extra tiles with character from the movie which, if drawn can be played to allow special actions.
The characters and actions are:
Christmas Gift from Halloween Town: Give your opponent an unwanted gift of any tile you want to get rid of. Blind draw one of his/hers.
Zero the Ghost Dog: After an opponent places a word, use this tile to change one of their letter points to zero points. This zero will now affect any double/triple letter or point spaces. The score should be adjusted.
Oogie Boogie: Oogie Boogie loves to gamble and is ready to test his luck by mixing up everyone's tiles. After a player plays this special tile all players place their tiles face down and mixes them up. Players now pick new tiles without looking at them. The original player who first resented the Oogie Boogie tile chooses whether or not to participate in the reshuffle.
Sally: When Sally needs to escape for the night she often slips deadly nightshade into Dr. Finklestein's soup causing him to sleep long enough for her to sneak away. Use this tile to make your next opponent "sleep", causing them to have their turn skipped. Play continues with the next player.
Mayor: The Mayor of Halloweentown often flips his head around to express joy or anxiety and this tile can help you "flip" your opponent's rack around. When using this tile, choose any opponent to spin his/her rack around. He/she can spin the rack as fast as he/she likes but should be careful as tiles often fly off in many directions.


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