Avalanche Press Scotland the Brave Used Board Game (1998) (unpunched)

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The Situation
There is no greater hero in Scottish history than William Wallace. In 1297 he began what grew into the Scottish Rebellion. The death of his wife at the hands of the English launched Wallace on a quest to expel them from Scotland. Unlike other leaders in the rebellion, Wallace never betrayed his country, his comrades or his cause.

The Game
SCOTLAND THE BRAVE is based on the opening of the Scottish War for Independence. Beginning with the revolt of a minor land owner named William Wallace in 1297, it culminated in the victory of Robert the Bruce in 1315 at Bannockburn. SCOTLAND THE BRAVE simulates the first two years of the conflict in which William Wallace was the dominant figure. Players take the place of either William Wallace or King Edward of England as each attempts to gain the assistance of Scottish nobles and control of southern Scotland.


Used copy of Scotland the Brave (1998)
Content is unpunched.
Box has moderate wear.

Overall Game Condition : 7
Box Lid: 5
Box Bottom: 5
Contents: 8
Cards: NA
Board: 7
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