Chaosium RuneQuest (1981) Used RPG Game (2nd Edition, thick box)

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RuneQuest is an easy-to-play game of Fantasy Role-Playing. Participants create imaginary characters to go adventuring through a world of fantasy where magic is real, heroism the accepted norm, and virtue is rewarded! Characters begin as commoners or young noblemen and work or fight their way through trouble and adversity to reach greatness, collecting gold, magic, and fame along the way. They can develop as formidable fighters, clever magicians, solemn priests, alchemists, thieves, scholars, or all of them at once! There is no limit to what a character can do.

First issued in a 2" box in 1980, later 1983 version shrunk the box.

Some versions of the rulebook included in this set have alternate colors instead of being full color: green or red.


  • Read This First/Credits Sheet
  • RQ Softcover rulebook (120 pages)
  • Second Edition errata
  • Basic Role-Playing (16 pages)
  • Apple Lane adventure (32 pages)
  • Fangs (16 pages)
  • 8 player and monster sheets
  • 6 polyhedral dice

Used copy of RuneQuest (1980) (2nd Edition, thick box).
Major dent on the front cover causing a crease.
Small stain on the rulebook and dices.

Overall Game Condition : 5
Box Lid: 4
Box Bottom: 6
Contents: 6
Cards: NA
Board: NA
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