Spectrum Games Robert Ludlum's Game of Counter Espionage Used board game (1988)

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This game is like a cross between Clue and Scotland Yard. One player is secretly chosen to play a double agent. Each player plays two characters, a station chief and a field agent. They travel by road or by plane on one of two maps (North America or Europe) collecting information about the other agents. They do this by using special supply cards and challenging other players Counter-Surveillance stats with their own Surveillance ability. The double agents task is to keep his identity secret until the end of fifteen rounds. The counter-espionage agents must find and de-activate the double agent by the end of the fifteenth round.


Used copy of Robert Ludlum's Game of Counter Espionage (1988).
In excellent condition.
Game pieces are unpunched.

Overall Game Condition : 6
Box Lid: 4
Box Bottom: 6
Contents: 8
Cards: 8
Board: 8
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