R &R Games Riddles & Riches Used Board Game (1996)

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The object of the game is to be the first one to answer 2 of 3 riddles. The answer to the riddle is always an object from a particular room in the house (3D board). The spaces on the board represent rooms of the house. When you land in a room you can look a detailed picture of it. There are 3 spaces on the board where can get hints to help you solve the riddles.

From the publisher:

Let The Hunt Begin! Mind bending riddles & colorful photographs lure you through a mansion in search of hidden treasures. RACE against opponents to be the first to solve 2 of 3 riddles!

  • GRAB hints to gain the upper hand!
  • SWIPE information from players you land on!
  • REAP the rewards of the Hunt!
  • 3-Dimensional Board!
  • With over 100 riddles and 300 hints, it's never the same game twice!

Used copy of Riddles & Riches (1996) 1st ed.
Light ware on the box.
Content are in great condition.

Overall Game Condition : 7
Box Lid: 6
Box Bottom: 7
Contents: 7
Cards: 7
Board: 7
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