Wiggity Bang Games Quao (2007)

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There is only one law in the land and that law is QUAO (pronounced ‘cow’). The mighty and all-powerful bovine of the badlands, QUAO governs the province by sheer antagonism. Only she knows the Rules and she hands them down with iron hoof.

WHAT’S UP WITH THE QUAO YOU ASK? First of all, she’s not just a cow, she’s a dictator and you better get used to playing by her Rules!

WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO BE QUAO? When you play this game, being QUAO means you know the Rules and everyone else has to figure them out. You also hand out all the penalties! Use your secret Rules and the help of your loyal subjects Quak, JaQuas and BullyQ to win this game. Just watch out for Cheata’, because she could be your downfall!

OBJECT: Each player is dealt five white cards. Each player has a chance to discard one card during each turn. The person that successfully completes and discards all the cards in their hand first, wins the round and becomes the dictator QUAO. Whoever wins the fifth and final round is the ultimate dictator and the winner!

HOW TO PLAY: There are four different ‘suits’ of white cards and each suit is played differently when discarded. During each turn a player may discard one of their cards from their hand to the table.

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