Fantasy Games Unlimitled Psi World Used RPG (1984)

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A role-playing game of Psionic Powers for a Gamemaster and any number of players. Players take the roles of characters with psionic powers in a world of normals who fear the Psis unjustifiably or the roles of government security forces in a world where society is truly threatened with takeover by a tiny minority with potent psionic powers. The choice of game style is your own.

Included in the box set:

  • PSI WORLD rules, complete and easily understandable.
  • The PSI WORLD ADVENTURE with introductory adventures to get your campaign started.
  • Master Character Sheet, suitable for photocopying.
  • Game Master's Screen summarizing all major tables.
  • 2 10-sided dice and 2 6-sided dice.
  • Everything you need to begin play in an exciting world of adventure and psionic powers.

Used copy of Psi World RPG (1984).
2 D6 and 2 D10 has been replaced.

Overall Game Condition : 5
Box Lid: 4
Box Bottom: 4
Contents: 6
Cards: NA
Board: NA
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