Rio Grande Power Grid: Factory Manager Used Board Game (2009)

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Power Grid: Factory Manager is the new stand-alone game in the world of Power Grid. It was released at Spiel '09 in Essen, Germany.

Each player owns a factory and tries to earn the most money during the game. To be successful, each player must use his workers to buy the best machines and robots at the market and to run the machines most effectively in his factory. Because of increasing energy prices, the players must be careful to check the energy consumption of their factories and to avoid using only energy-consuming machines. Otherwise, their profit will suddenly vanish, the worst fear of a good businessperson.

Power Grid: Factory Manager uses a clever market mechanism for choosing the supply of factory tiles in the market.


Used copy of Power Grid: Factory Manager (2009).
Content are unopen/unpunched.
Original Rulebook was missing but we included a print out copy.

Overall Game Condition : 8
Box Lid: 8
Box Bottom: 8
Contents: 8
Cards: NA
Board: 8
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