Po-Ke-No Used board game (1960)

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The object of the game is to be the first one to answer 2 of 3 riddles. The answer to the riddle is always an object from a particular room in the house (3D board). The spaces on the board represent rooms of the house. When you land in a room you can look a detailed picture of it. There are 3 spaces on the board where can get hints to help you solve the riddles.

From the publisher:

Let The Hunt Begin! Mind bending riddles & colorful photographs lure you through a mansion in search of hidden treasures. RACE against opponents to be the first to solve 2 of 3 riddles!

  • GRAB hints to gain the upper hand!
  • SWIPE information from players you land on!
  • REAP the rewards of the Hunt!
  • 3-Dimensional Board!
  • With over 100 riddles and 300 hints, it's never the same game twice!


Heavy wear on the box and game boards.

Torn on one side of the box.


Overall Game Condition : 4
Box Lid: 4
Box Bottom: 4
Contents: 5
Cards: na
Board: 4
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