Playtoy Industries Personal Preference Used Board Game (1987)

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Social/party game whereby each player must rank four items (words/images on cards from various categories). After secretly ranking the items, everyone else bets on where the items will fall within the ranking (with a double-your-money option which will double the gain, but cause negative points if incorrect). Then the ranker reveals the order, with much discussion, and the next player proceeds.

Players/teams move their pieces around the board based on the points they score and a round finished when a piece crosses the start/finish board.


Used copy of Personal Preference (1987).
Box is in rough shape and taped up.
Contents and cards are in great shape.
Pictures to be uploaded later.

Overall Game Condition : 5
Box Lid: 5
Box Bottom: 7
Contents: 7
Cards: 7
Board: 7
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