Huang & Sons Co Oil: The Slickest Game In Town Used Board Game (1980)

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The players roll to move their tokens around the board. They buy drilling areas in the exploration squares that represent areas around the globe by paying a “royalty” cost, and then they drill rigs and produce oil from the 3 fields attached to each exploration area. After it is produced, the oil is sold on the market squares – the cost it is sold for differs on each individual market square and it can be sold or held to try for a more profitable market square.

There are also various luck squares to lose/gain extra money or oil and draw “oil power” cards for similar bonuses. Oil can be obtained either from squares belonging to that player, or from areas belonging to another player by paying a production royalty to the owning player. Each area has a fixed amount of oil that is depleted with each production. When the agreed upon fixed time for game passes, or all of the available oil is produced from all 17 exploration areas, players sell remaining oil they hold for a flat rate and the game ends. The player with the most money wins.


Used copy of Oil: The Slickest Game In Town (1980).
Box lid has heavy wear.
Box bottom has heavy wear, marked, and a small dent.
Content, board and cards cards are in great shape.0

Overall Game Condition : 6
Box Lid: 5
Box Bottom: 5
Contents: 6
Cards: 6
Board: 7
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