Networking NIS (1993)

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"NETWORKING the game of success" is an unusual themed game, with pretty usual game mechanics (roll the dice, move the pawn, do what is written).

It seems that this game has been published to promote a buying club (like Amway). All the goals in the game are glorification of selling to contacts, buying cassettes and books about positive thinking, attending seminars and rallies and building finally the most effective network to distribute goods. The title of the game refers to this selling network. Not surprisingly, the winner is the one to accumulate the most "Life Style points".

The last section of the rulebook is dedicated to a sale speech, trying to convince the players to join the "EARTHRISE CLUB".

The production value of the game is above average, nice components and an impressive storage tray. It was published in Quebec, Canada in 1993. It exists in an English and a French version.


New in shrink copy of Networking (1993).

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