Operational Studies Group Napoleon at Leipzig Battle of Nations October 14-19, 1813

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Designer: Kevin Zucker

Year: 1979

Napoleon at Leipzig, 1813 - His Grande Armée shattered on the Russian Steppes, Napoleon tries to regain the initiative in Germany. His former allies Prussia and Austria turn traitor and attack him. Tsarist Russia sends a massive army across the Vistula into Europe proper.

Draining every reserve the French Empire has left, Napoleon gathers his loyal Rhinelanders, Italians, Saxons and Poles. Seizing the initiative in the Spring, he defeats the Allied Coalition at Lutzen, and then at Bautzen, and then again at Dresden. But these are not the complete victories his desperate situation demands. Small defeats of his Generals (Oudinot on August 23rd at Grossbeeren, Mcdonald on August 26th at Katzbach, Vandamme on August 29-30th at Kulm and Ney on September 6th at Dennewitz) brought the strength to decline...

Now, with his strength sapped, Napoleon recoils to Leipzig. Like wolves, his enemies surround the place and converge. . . . Napoleon at Leipzig 3rd Edition retains its classic starting situation with only one wing of the French Army on the map. Later, Napoleon leads the main body of La Grande Armée, 175,000 strong, into a position which Marshal Marmont later described as lying "at the bottom of a funnel." As 300,000 Allied troops converge on Leipzig during the succeeding days, the French task is to crush one or more of the enemy armies, or successfully retire the cream of their army across the sole remaining bridge spanning the Elster.

Scenarios and the Campaign Game can begin on the 14th, 16th, or 18th of October, 1813. The Standard, Campaign and Grand Tactical rules have been completely revised to reflect the latest findings in Napoleonic scholarship.

A totally new map, based on fresh sources, accurately portrays the terrain around Leipzig, emphasizing the superb cavalry terrain to the south. A Study Folder with the classic narrative by noted author F. Lorraine Petrie, along with the Order of Battle and set-up for the three stages of the six-day battle, is also included.

The game has 4 editions.
The first one was produced by Kevin Zucker's own "Operational Studies Group" company.
Later 3 more editions had been published, all by Clash of Arms (comments to the different editions had been made by Ed Wimble):
- [2ed] 1988 - new counters. Map & box uses old negatives but with a different color scheme and paper. Rules pretty much the same with a flourish here and there (such as the added steps for the Guard counters).
- [3ed] 1992 - this was certainly just a reprint, as there was no new copyright for it
- [4ed] 1996 - new map and artwork based on Ed Wimble's visit of Leipzig. New box and artwork. New rules: Kevin Zucker redesigned them. Counters: The half sheet reworked.

Thereafter GMT proclaimed a combined GMT-OSG 5ed for a P-500.
In 2012 Kevin Zucker announced that the 5th Edition will now be a sole OSG product and should see publication in 2012/ 2013.
Note: the 5th Edition can be found here: Napoleon at Leipzig (fifth edition)


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