Bepuzzled Murder a la Carte Un-Happy Hour (1995)

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The Mystery:
When the lights go out on Disco Fever, it's lights out for Dexter Doyle, too. A gun shot shatters the fun, the dance floor clears and there's poor Dex, not dead on his feet but dead on the floor. So who's spoiling all the fun in this Chicago bar, the greedy bartender, a mysterious barfly, or is it really you who's been doing the hustle?

Component Conditions:

  • Condition of Box Lid 9/10
  • Condition of Box Bottom 9/10
  • Condition of Contents 10/10
  • Condition of Cards 10/10
  • Condition of Board 10/10 

All contents in excellent condition. Game does not come with original instructions, but includes a photocopied version of them.

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