Schmidt Spiele Mauerhüpfer (2014) NIS

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Your goal in Mauerhüpfer is to move your four pawns to the goal first. The movement track zigs and zags around five walls on the game board, with a starting space at the beginning of the track and two goal spaces at the end; land on a goal space by exact count, and that pawn exits the game, moving you closer to victory.

On a turn, roll two dice, then choose one of your pawns and move it a number of spaces equal to one die, then a number of spaces equal to the other. You can choose to move forward or backward on the track — or in both directions if you wish, with each die moving you in a different direction. The walls have the digits 1-6 on them, and if your pawn is next to a number that you rolled and you haven't used that die for movement, you can hop the pawn over that wall. Roll just right, and you can jump twice.

If you move in a single direction and your second move lands you on an opponent's pawn, you bump that pawn back to the starting area. If you move in both directions or hop over walls, you can possibly bump two opponents in the same turn.

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