Gamma Two Games Maneuver (1979)

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This used game has not yet been checked to verify the contents are all there and what condition the box and contents are in.  Our focus is to get the bulk of our approximately 4000 used games up first and then evaluate the overall condition of each used/opened game.  When this is done you will see the specifications tab enabled just under the price and a little to the right for each item listing.

If you would like to purchase this game and would like to verify the game is complete, the condition of the box and contents please do email us at and we will get that done for you.  If you require more information or photos please let us know. 


MANEUVER is a game of skill and strategy for two players. Each player has nine tanks and nine guns to deploy on the board. Each player maneuvers his tanks with the objective of being the first player to get one or more tanks across the board to the opposing side. The guns are deployed along the side of the board and are used to fire at and destroy enemy tanks. Because the guns are deployed secretly to conceal their ranges of fire, playes must maneuver their tanks with skill, seeking to discover the gun placements of their opponent and achieve a breakthrough.

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