Gamma Two Games Lovers Wild (1981)

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Lovers Wild is a fun spoof of sexual morality today. As a player you have been invited to a wild party along with twelve naughty but nice characters. The object of play is for you to score as many "seductions" as possible.

The board is set up as a modest movie star type estate with various rooms. Bedroom, den, kitchen, etc, with an outside garden, pool, and entrance way. The objective of the game is to move various characters about from room to room, with the intent of gathering as many together in a room as possible. You must have the characters and the room card to score points. So as you move a character towards a room to have a group seduction with other character cards you have in hand, another player may have the same character card, and wishes this character to have a seduction with the players they are gathering in a different part/room of the estate. The more people you can gather in a room together the more points you score. There are optional rules that allow for gay seductions. Like Ticket to ride, the longer the track built the more points, in Lovers Wild the more characters in a room having a seduction, the more points. Multiples of characters must be as equal as possible, if 5 people in a room are having a seduction, 2 or 3 must be women, one woman and four men does not make an seduction or scoring hand. Fast moving game, lay your hand for points if you can, draw a card, move a character. The more players the more difficult larger seductions are. The board in nicely done, and character chits are humorous with a variety of people types, that fits well in with game, with names like Hands a Roaming, Lucy Love Lace, Dolly Pardon. This may be another game lost to the gaming world, where even the author could not put me onto a replacement copy.

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