Wizards of the Coast Living Kingdoms of Kalamar (2003) (Audit 2024)

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“What is a Living® campaign?”

A Living® Campaign is an organized role-playing campaign that is played simultaneously worldwide. Kenzer & Company, in conjunction with the Role-Playing Gamers Association (RPGA), directs the Living Kingdoms of Kalamar campaign. This campaign is played in many locations around the world of Tellene from our home in the Principality of Pekal to the southern jungles of the Vohven and the frigid northern wastes of the Wild Lands. Its plots, while maintained by the creative staff, are mainly the product of the wonderful imagination and hard work of our various authors and players. That's right, you are important to the Living Kingdoms of Kalamar campaign. What you do and with whom you talk make a difference in its long-term development. As the campaign progresses, more and more of our modules will be written with multiple endings. This means that players need not feel restrained from doing what they feel their character would do and what they feel the module expects them to. If you refuse to submit to the foreign diplomat’s insults in the middle of peace negotiations, then we want you to do what you feel is right. The world is truly Living and you can make the choices you feel appropriate, and experience the repercussions of your actions.



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