TM SPIELE Krieg und Frieden Used Board Game(1999) German edition

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Taking on the roles of land-owners in a feudal society, players are charged with running their lands and accruing favor from the bishop by building his cathedral. Each turn, players use their resources to bid for that year's agenda, and some resources have more or less value in the bid depending on what type of agenda is available. Then players use their remaining resources to build their lands, sack others' lands, bribe others' knights away from defense, or help to build the bishop's cathedral. Finally, players harvest new resources for the next turn. After all the pieces of the cathedral have been built, the game is over with the victory going to the player with the most victory points.


German edition - English translation of the rules included. 

Missing one coin token.

Box has heavy wear. 


Overall Game Condition : 6
Box Lid: 5
Box Bottom: 5
Contents: 7
Cards: 7
Board: 8
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