Tilsit Key Largo (2005)

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Created by Paul Randles, designer of Pirate's Cove, and developed by Mike Selinker and Bruno Faidutti, Key Largo transports players into the Florida Keys in 1899. As the new century dawns, players ply the thriving trade of finding treasures in shipwrecks around the island. Before a hurricane hits, players need to search the many shipwrecks and sell the lost treasures to the island denizens for as much cash as possible.

This was designer Paul Randles' final game before passing away in 2003. Tilsit Editions published it in French, German, and Italian in 2005, and Titanic Games made it available in English for the first time, with an all-new graphic design and pieces.

Overall Game Condition : 8
Box Lid: 8
Box Bottom: 8
Contents: 8
Cards: 8
Board: 7
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