homoludicus Kalua (2012)

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On the tropical island of Kalua, five religions compete to become the one and only. You will take the role of one of the five Gods that the Kaluans follow and will reward your followers with good harvests, nice weather and general well-being – or, if they don't pray to you enough, punish them with famine, epidemics, floods, earthquakes and other disasters. Don't forget though that with four other Gods on the island, the Kaluans can't distinguish where all their bad luck is coming from...

Make your religion the one and only by converting followers from other religions to your own. The game of Kalua continues until this condition is met.

Kaluna is still in it's original shrinkwrap!

Component Conditions:

  • Condition of Box Lid 10/10
  • Condition of Box Bottom 10/10
  • Condition of Contents 10/10
  • Condition of Cards 10/10
  • Condition of Board 10/10 

All contents in excellent condition. Game does not come with original instructions, but includes a photocopied version of them. 

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