Chieftain Products Jago (1984) NIS

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The Game In Brief:
The letter-tiles are blue on one side and red on the other. One player enters words with the blue side up, the other with the red side up. At each move the object is to take the lead and end up with at least one more tile on the board then one’s opponent. But words entered on the board are by no means permanent-they may be stolen-which is indeed the main point of the game. Whenever a player is able to change both the form and the meaning of an opponent’s word, by substituting one or more letters in the word and/or by adding letters to either end, that player may steal it by turning over all its letters, so a previously blue word becomes a red one, or vice-versa.

The game ends when a player is unable to take the lead on his turn and over-steps the time-limit.

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