Playtoy Industries IQ 2000 TransCanada Trivia

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Designer: Uncredited

Year: 1984

How much do you really know about Canada? It's fun, educational, and fun for the whole family! Players move forward and backward depending if they answeer the questions correctly or not. There are 4 categories: History/Geography, Famous people, General Knowledge (Adult), and General Knowledge (children).

There are 4000 questions and answers, 3 adult categories, and 1 children's category. For ages 8-88.


Component Conditions: 

  • Box lid has tape residue, scuffing, scratches, corner and edge wear, and fraying.
  • Box bottom has tape on it, tape residue, scuffing, scratches, creasing, corner and edge wear, and deformation.
  • Game contents and cards are like new.
  • Game board has minor fraying, and minor creasing at the fold.
Overall Game Condition : (Rated 1-10)
Box Lid: 6
Box Bottom: 4
Contents: 10
Cards: 10
Board: 9
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