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Designer: Uncredited

Year: 1971

Each player attempts to maneuver a colored marble up an incline using a curved slider. The incline has plenty of holes in it allowing the marbles to fall through.. At the top of the tower is a platform which the marbles are stored. The first player to get all five of his/her marbles in the cup is the winner. As an extension, the publisher suggests continuing the game by getting each marble down the incline the same way.


Component Conditions:

  • Box lid has tape on it, scuffing, corner and edge wear, fraying, deformation, and residue.
  • Box bottom has scuffing, corner and edge wear, and scratches.
  • Game contents have moderate usage. 1 orange marble is missing, however other marbles are used to substitute it that are not original.
Overall Game Condition : (Rated 1-10)
Box Lid: 5
Box Bottom: 6
Contents: 8
Cards: N/A
Board: N/A
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