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Instruction booklet nor the box state as to how many of the tiles are supposed to be in the game. I'm counting 56 and those tiles are all in excellent condition. In addition to the instructions, there's also the white playing base for the game, green tile draw bag,  and then the four tile racks. The upper and lower box lid are both in quite good condition without any tears or splits, but have a little wear and tear from tape that was used on the box a few years ago.


Each turn the player can place a tile in a clear position, or over the stacked tiles in an filled position provided that the dots on the tile do not overlap those on the tiles already played. Once all 9 possible dots are placed in each position the stacked tiles are removed for reuse and the position is cleared for new tile placements. Points are awarded to the player after each turn based on the number of dots in the position that the tile was placed. The first player to score 200 points wins the game.

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