MILTON BRADLEY Happy Day (1987)

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This game is missing a single #2 paper 'chip'.  Everything else is there and the cards are in VERY good shape. 


The object is have the happiest day. There is a board with 9 play areas. Chips are placed above the areas with their point values face down. Each player receives 5 cards. To start, you play a Yucky Day card (such as "Fly in your cereal...") onto the first area and inform any other player that he or she will experience the yucky event shown. That player must then try to match the card with either another Yucky Day card of the same color and number, or a Happy Day card which is wild. A new player is called on who again must match the new card. The first called on player who cannot make a match loses the round and must take the chip for that area. New cards are then dealt out for the next round and players play them into the next area. When all 9 rounds have been played, the player with the lowest point value on all of his or her chips had the happiest day and wins.

Overall Game Condition : 7.5
Box Lid: 8
Box Bottom: 7
Contents: 9
Cards: 9
Board: 8.5
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