MILTON BRADLEY Happiness (1972)

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The board is made up of various paths, and each one earns you a specific Key if/when you finish it. These Keys get placed in your Ladder of Success (in any order), and if you're the first player to fill your ladder, you win. So thematically, it's neat, but what I most remember about it are the various "no dice" movement systems.

All players start with their pieces "clicked in" to a spinner in the middle of the board, which, when spun, randomly puts each player in front of one of the six paths. On your turn, you can get off and attempt that path, or spin again, possibly rearranging you - and everyone else.

Each path has its own movement system. A few of them are flip-a-tiles, with each tile set having movement from 1-5 on them. Health has a bicycle theme, with one wheel being the tiles and the other wheel being the discard pile. Self Improvement tiles were books in a bookcase.

The Love path has an arrow-through-a-heart spinner, with the arrow pointing to your movement, 1-4. Two other paths also have themed spinners.

But the coolest of them was the Friendship path. The Hand of Friendship is a seesaw hand with a little marble in the "wrist" and when you seesaw it, the marble "pachinko's" into one of the five fingers, each having a different movement number 1-5.

When you finish a path - and they have text on some of the squares ("start over" "get a hang-up" "move forward" etc.) - you click back in to the spinner and hope you land on the next path you need.

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