MediaSpark GoVenture Card Game: Entrepreneur (2007)

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This used game has not yet been checked to verify the contents are all there and what condition the box and contents are in.  Our focus is to get the bulk of our approximately 4000 used games up first and then evaluate the overall condition of each used/opened game.  When this is done you will see the specifications tab enabled just under the price and a little to the right for each item listing.

If you would like to purchase this game and would like to verify the game is complete, the condition of the box and contents please do email us at and we will get that done for you.  If you require more information or photos please let us know. 


The GoVenture Card Game is fast and easy to play but deep in strategy. It is designed for novice and experienced players, kids and adults, to have fun playing together.

The depth of the gameplay is revealed as you play. Follow every turn and every decision, or just play casually.

Play with 2 players, or up to 6, in a single game. Includes over 300 cards with engaging graphics and game rules that are easy to read and follow. Each game plays for 10 to 30 minutes (or longer with 6 players). More ways to play are included on the game website at

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