WorldWide Games Fishing Frenzy Used Board Game (1995)

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A sport fishing tournament - whenever and wherever you want it, any time, any place, any weather. Determine the length of the game when you decide on the tournament limit of fish. Play for as little as 15 minutes, or settle into your fighting chair and fish for an hour or more. Leave the dock, fish the channel, and head for open waters. You'll need both strategy and luck to out fish the other boats. The tournament becomes more difficult as each fish is caught and tagged. Beware of the buoys, the shoals, and the Perils of the Sea. They're every angler's nightmare. Points are awarded for the first fish, the most fish, first back to the docks, and for channel, inshore, and offshore slams.

Ages 10 and up. 2 to 6 players. Play it once and you will be hooked.

Used copy of Fishing Frenzy (1995).
In great condition.
Light wear on the box and cards.


Overall Game Condition : 7
Box Lid: 7
Box Bottom: 7
Contents: 7
Cards: 7
Board: 8
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