Rio Grande Fast Flowing Forest Fellers board game NIS

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Where is wild racing game for 2 to 5 players.


Daring lumberjacks meet at the river to begin their traditional contest of the fastest log riders.

Hi skilful manoeuvres they try to beat out their competitors to get ahead in this running of the.

Sometimes you want to move ahead quickly another time you want to block others in your race to be the first across the.


Restart controls a small group of lumberjacks in competes with the other players to bring his group across the finish.


Very simple rules the game is provocative, suppliers must always keep watch on their entire group and those of the other players.


The six double-sided game board provides about 100 different river courses, which office players new race courses every time they play.


Call chance:


Ten lumberjacks


45 logs


90 cards


Six of the two sided game boards.

Overall Game Condition : 10
Box Lid: 9.5
Box Bottom: 9.5
Contents: 10
Cards: 10
Board: 10
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