Rio Grande Edison & Co. (1998)

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Each player has a favorite machine, a set of movement cards for the racers and a secret score card. The score card shows the actual result you want to achieve, each player wanting the 4 cars to finish in a different order. The movement cards have 3 functions, showing number of spaces to move, or direction to move in, or 2 vehicles out of the 4 available that you could move. Start order changes each turn, the first player chooses one card of the three available, the next chooses a different type of card, the 3rd player the last type. The final player decides which car moves of the 2 cars that have been chosen as possible cars to move. The board also has random oil patches and hazards.

Overall Game Condition : 9
Box Lid: 8
Box Bottom: 8
Contents: 9
Cards: 9
Board: 10
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