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Designer: Anthony E. Pratt

Year: 1963

This game is unlike any other. All of the characters are fictitious--even the "victim" is imagined, It is like a stage play. The scene opens in Mr. Boddy's palatial mansion. Mr. Boddy is the victim of foul play and is found in one of the rooms. THE OBJECT OF THE GAME is to discover the answer to 3 questions: 1st-WHO? Which one of the several suspects did it? 2nd-WHERE? and 3rd-HOW? The answer lies in the little envelope resting on the stairway marked X in the center of the board. The envelope contains 3 cards. One card tells who did it--another card reveals the room in which it all happened, and the third card disclosed the weapon used. -The player who, by the process of deduction (and good old common sense) first identifies the 3 solution cards hidden in the little envelope, wins the game.


Component Conditions:

  • Box lid has tape on it, deformation, scuffing, creasing, writing on lid, corner and edge wear, and tape holding the corners together.
  • Box bottom has tape on it, corner and edge wear, creasing, and deformation.
  • Contents and cards have minor usage.
  • Game board has minor creasing at fold.
Overall Game Condition : (Rated 1-10)
Box Lid: 2
Box Bottom: 6
Contents: 9
Cards: 9
Board: 9
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