Mattel Break the Safe (2003)

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Your mission : Beat the clock to break the safe!

It's the heart-pounding game of teamwork where your adversary is the relentless ticking of the clock. You are part of an elite team of agents who have exactly 30-minutes to defeat the dangers of EGC (Evil Guys Complex) and find four keys necessary to stop the countdown and unlock The Safe.

Players are spies trying to race against the clock that starts at 30min and ticks down to the game's end. The object is to get the 4 keys to open the safe and return to the start to stop the clock. The keys are found under booby traps that require a specific tool to disarm. There is also a guard and guard dog that will send you to jail if they catch you.

Overall Game Condition : 7
Box Lid: 7.5
Box Bottom: 7.5
Contents: 6.5
Cards: 6.5
Board: 6.5
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