zygote games Bone Wars: The Game of Ruthless Paleontology nis (2005)

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Build dinosaurs for your museum by playing bone cards for heads, limbs, and vertebrae along with a dinosaur card describing an accurate specimen. You gain points for playing each bone card, even if is not a perfect match. You can also play smaller fossil cards for one point each.

In the next phase of each turn, you can get points by adding to or amending your own skeletons or ‘steal’ points from you opponents by adding to or amending their skeletons.

Event cards also allow you to gain additional points for yourself or steal points and cards from you opponents.

From the publishers website:

In BONE WARS, players take the role of paleontologists during the great "Dinosaur Rush" of the late 19th Century.

Out in the field, fossil hunters must survive natural disasters and attempts by other players to steal and destroy dinosaur bones.

Back at the museum, the conflict continues when the scientists carry their battle to the newspapers and scientific journals as they race to achieve scientific immortality!



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Year: 2006:
Designer: Georgopoulos Design Associates:
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