Ravensburger Bluff (2001) NIS

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New in sealed copy if Bluff,

In Bluff, each player starts the game with five yellow dice. At the start of each round, they roll these dice under a cup, then look at the results without telling anyone else what's there. The dice show the numbers 1-5 and a star, with a star representing all five of those numbers as well as a star. The start player for the round then makes a public bid as to what they think is showing under all players' dice cups, e.g., "eight 1s", "twelve 4s", or "four stars". The next player in clockwise order must raise the bid (following certain rules laid out on the game board), or call the previous person because they don't think the dice under the cups support that bid.

Everyone then raises their cups and the result is revealed, with the last bidder or the caller losing dice based on the outcome. If you run out of dice, you're out of the game, and the last player who has dice wins.

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