Stone Blade Entertainment Ascension: Theme Pack - Rat King (2010) NIS

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Ever felt like the Cultist needed some help taking care of those bullies who keep picking on him? Now he has it! Rat King adds a whole new dimension to monsters in Ascension! While up until now monsters have impacted the game only by providing a reward to the player who defeats them, the Rat King leads his hordes of Giant Rat minions to swarm all over the center row and wreak havoc on the best laid plans. In game terms, the Rat King cards are shuffled into the center deck, while the Giant Rats are placed on the side. When the Rat King shows up in the center row, cover every other card with a Giant Rat. Players need to defeat these rats — or the King himself — before being able to get to the other cards.

Ascension: Theme Pack – Rat King comes with two copies of the Rat King and ten Giant Rats, enough for the rodent infestation to strike twice in a single game!

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