APBA International APBA Pro Baseball (2006)

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If you've ever wanted to manage a real big-league club, here's your chance. MLB Baseball 2000 makes you the manager of 600 real big-league players - 20 players for each of the 30 big-league teams. You call the shots on everything from pitching changes to pinch-hitters to double-switches. The game comes with a card set for the most recent baseball season On each card are the painstaking calculations, derived from formulas honed over 50 years of play-testing, which reproduce with uncanny accuracy that player's actual on-field performance in every aspect of the game. You can play with intact big-league clubs, start up your own league and draft from scratch, or switch things around any way you choose. Actually, with APBA you're really much more than just the manager.. You're the GM, owner and commissioner, too.

MLB Baseball heads into the new century with a streamlined new look. Cards still provide the same informational wallop but feature striking full-color graphics. The rule book collects all the rules and rosters and play boards into a easy-to-use spiral-bound book, with APBA history, playing tips, league guidelines, and a fantastic quick-start guide that can have you playing APBA MLB Baseball in five minutes!

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