Game Designers Workshop Air Superiority (1987)

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A complex simulation of "modern" air to air jet combat. Each aircraft type has a card with its vital statistics - max speed, ceiling, turn rate, weapons configurations, fuel, etc, etc. Each plane and missile is represented on a hex map by a counter. Each hex is 1/3 mile and each turn is 12-15 seconds. Each aircraft also maintains a paper log throughout the game for altitude, weapons usage, throttle setting, speed, etc etc. Each turn aircraft attempt to spot and/or lock on to opposing craft and move into firing position. Radar search, lock on, and damage results are by CRT with 10 sided die. Damage is by level (light, heavy, critical) and cumulative. There are 30+ base aircraft types and all their variants and 30+ different missiles represented in the game charts. Victory is by scenario.

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