Waddingtons Crisis (1975)

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Each player is given a set of 12 weapon card. Card list a weapon and a number of points for that weapon. e.g.- '1000 Screaming Peasants Waving Pitchforks' is worth 1 point, '30 Germ Warfare Bombs' is worth 25 points, '5 Nuclear missile Submarines' is worth 100 points.

A game consists of a number of rounds until only one player remains. Each player gets one turn during each round. On a turn each player declares: "I propose we disarm... (a weapon) worth... (x points)" and places one card face down on the table. Each other player does the same. The smallest card a player may declare must be worth 25 points, so getting rid of those 1 point Ceremonial sabers can be tricky.

A turn of 'Weapons Inspections' follows. Each player may then call for an inspection of another players card. First, he shows that he had disarmed the proper number of points, then turns over the card of one other player. If it is the proper card, he gets to return it to his hand. If it isn't the proper card, one card at random is drawn and placed face down with the first.

If no one calls for a weapons inspection, a die is rolled for a random 'spot-check'.

All cards played in a turn are discarded.

At the end of a round (once each player has had a turn disarming weapons), a 'Crisis' card is flipped. The card can be "NO CRISIS" or can list the names of two of the players who must then resolve a 'crisis' between each other. Players resolve a crisis but tallying the number of points in their hands and, depending on the difference in points, resolve the conflict. A player is out of the game if he is beaten by more than 150 points.

At the end of the round, the discard pile is shuffled and each player gains two cards.

Play continues until only one player is left.

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