Days of Wonder Battlelore Board Game Expansion Call to Arms NIS

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The definitive army deployment system for Battlelore.


Call to arms offers you a new method to deploy custom troops and armies onto the fields of battle.


Rather than relying on the points based army buying approach that is common to many miniature games, battlelore's army selection system uses a novel, card driven deployment mechanism, centered around the use of deployment decks, specialist cards and feudal Levy tokens.




A 20 page rule book including six due battle maps


Six sets of deployment college, 10 specialist cards and eight new summary cards


16 double sided to rent towels of wreaking marshes and treacherous cliffs


Three new obstacles, featuring archer steaks, a natural Stonebridge and more ramparts


12 feudal Levy tokens


Six supplemental banners


And a new weapon the long bow

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